Crusade Report: Burgersfort, South Africa

Be blessed by the daily reports from our Burgersfort Gospel Crusade below. Such took place in Limpopo, South Africa from 4 – 8 September 2013.


What a spectacular first night! I preached on the power of the blood of Jesus, and the response was fantastic. Men and women poured forward to accept Christ as Saviour – how glorious! We prayed for all who came forward for prayer (see pic) and testimonies quickly followed. One young lady, 16-year-old Sedibe, was brought by her mother. She had not been able to walk, talk or see since she had fainted at school this morning, a strange paralysis overcoming her body. Hours spent at the local hospital yielded nothing. “The power of God touched me,” she testified, completely well. “I love Jesus and will serve Him always.” Alfreda (25) had been plagued by constant headaches for the past two months. “I heard God talk to me and say, ‘My daughter, today you receive your healing.’ I feel great, so happy!”



What a day we had yesterday! From the morning Fire Conference to the evening crusade meeting, the Holy Spirit moved mightily. The lost are being saved in great numbers, the sick and oppressed are experiencing His captive-freeing power. Many have journeyed from far and are sleeping in our follow-up tent. Andries (75) had been unable to stand on his one leg since the beginning of 2012. After prayer, he testified, “I am feeling fantastic! I used to not be able to stand in church. I dragged my leg behind me. Tonight, I will sleep like a baby!” Lucy (47) had been suffering from such back pain for the past six months, that she was unable to walk long distances or even do her daily chores. “While the evangelist was preaching, I felt the pain disappearing,” she shared. “I became so happy, and started dancing!”



Our Lord is mighty to save, mighty to deliver and marvellous beyond description! The Gospel went forth with crystal clarity, men and women streaming forward to give their lives to Jesus. Prayer for the sick was quickly followed by a flood of testimonies. Nyelende (42) had been walking with a crutch since last year, her legs weak and itching. “I could not even perform household tasks,” she said. “I felt the power of God as the evangelist was praying. I felt very strong and ready to walk again.” Completely healed, she climbed up and down the stage stairs unaided, rejoicing as she went! Having also accepted Jesus as Saviour, Nyelende will never be the same. Yet another who received both salvation and healing, was 65-year-old Lucas. “I have been suffering from leg and waist pains for eighteen years. I could no longer do any heavy work. During prayer, I felt something leave my body. I am completely healed and want to live for Jesus!” Frans (47) was likewise set free, his hands having been beset by arthritis for the past decade. “I can bend my fingers again,” he testified. “I felt the Holy Spirit touch my life and the pains disappear.”



Today was a day of fire! Our Fire Conference reached a dramatic conclusion this morning, as we prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This evening, after Samuel preached the Gospel, I followed up with a message on the fire of God. Once again, the fire fell – with divine chaos breaking out! “I felt electricity moving through my body and spoke in tongues for the first time,” explained 20-year-old Racheal, still shaking from the power of His touch. Juliet (30) was likewise filled to overflowing. “I felt my mouth opening,” she said, “and this new language coming out. I am so excited! I thank God for this crusade.” Oupa (47) testified, “I fell to the ground while we were praying and began speaking in other tongues.” Many testified of being healed or delivered, the fire of God driving every dark presence from their bodies. Hallelujah!



While our crusade has come to an end, Burgersfort will forever remain in our hearts. The pastors are thrilled. “We will have to open new branches,” exclaimed one, eager to begin following up the new converts. Another communicated the newfound church unity that has come as a result of the crusade. What a privilege to have worked together with such steadfast men of God, so zealous for soul-winning! I preached tonight on the adulteress women, the crowd rejoicing as a multitude of eager listeners came forward to accept Jesus as Saviour. Testimonies followed prayer for the sick. Isaac (74) had walked hunched over a walking stick for the past year, his waist so painful that he was unable to stand upright. Stretching and smiling on stage, this precious grandfather smiled from ear to ear. “I went from doctor to doctor, spending all my money,” he said. “Today, Jesus healed me for free! I have no more pain, I am so happy.” Isaac also gave his life to Jesus tonight. “I thank God for His grace. I am going to be a child of God forever.”


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